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Last Updated: 1st November 2023


As explained last month, I went to the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in London. Now, that I have been back for a week or so, I have been sick.
Thankfully, I tested negative in my COVID tests including most of my friends (1 got it) but with about 4000 people at the event, I am surprised that I didn't get it.
I loved my time in London and got to meet with a lot of cool internet people and I hope to do that again sooner, rather than later.

As I say, I am back home in Ireland, recovering and working away until the next event. The Big C!


This past Tuesday (31st October). Final Fantasy XIV released Patch 6.51, which includes some new pieces of content like a new Variant Dungeon. But the bit that I am more excited about was the collaboration event between FFXIV and Fall Guys!
With the weird janky netcode, it has made the game more fun than what it should be. You get currency from playing Fall Guys game modes which allow you to trade it in for gear for your character and other bits and pieces. It lasts until December 31st.


I am writing this down so I can actually make it a goal for this month, but I want to set up a copy of this site on the Gemini Protocol
The premise of it is really exicitng and while I expect no traffic, it's so lightweight that I don't need to worry about resources or anything of the sort. I will report back with an update or I might turn it into a blog post down the line.

EDIT: Well, from the looks of things... it has gone quite well! Accessible by going to

- More later!

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